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The ANC Youth League to step up its efforts until Government isolates Apartheid Israel

30 July 2014

The ANCYL is not discouraged or deterred in its unapologetic stance that our government must withdraw our ambassador to Israel and expel the Israeli ambassador to South Africa. We believe these moves would be necessary and decisive steps towards isolating the Apartheid state of Israel. | Read More |

ANC Youth League distances its self from Jewish hate speech

29 July 2014

The ANC Youth League distances its self and its online media personnel from the twitter account: @ANCYLVote2014. This account is not managed or sanctioned by our National Office or any of the ANC Youth League’s Provincial and Regional Offices. As the ANC Youth League, we distance the members and supporters of the ANC Youth League from all the statements and comments that have been issued @ANCYLVote2014, including the recent Jewish hate comment. | Read More |

ANC Youth League Congratulates Shakes Mashaba

28 July 2014

The ANC Youth League congratulates Ephraim `Shakes` Mashaba on being named as Head Coach for South Africa`s main soccer team, Bafana Bafana. | Read More |

Statement on passing-on of Nadine Gordimer

15 July 2014

The ANC Youth League bids farewell to a brilliant South African writer of all times, Nadine Gordimer. We celebrate the life that she led. We are happy that she left us peacefully and content with the political developments in our country. She was one person whose opinions we always held in high regard. She was a humanitarian and a political activist of note who could not stand any injustice, we are happy that she passes-on having never doubted the democratic path our country is taking. | Read More |