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The ANCYL wishes Mama Winnie a speedy recovery

19 April 2016

The ANCYL wishes Mama Winnie a speedy recovery. We want to to say to Mama Winnie the nation wishes you urgent recovery. We hope that in times like these you will show resilience like you did against the defunct apartheid regime. Please continue to show courage against the illness that want to conquer your spirit. | Read More |

Make your history, make your own heroes and speak about them not Kalushi

19 April 2016

The ANCYL has noted with dismay the desperate attempt by EFF which wants to use the struggle icon of the movement for their own narrow, selfish objectives. The EFF has been insisting regardless of many attempts by the family of Solomon Kalushi Mahlangu indicating that EFF has no right nor responsibility to hold lectures about Kalushi because he was never a member of the EFF. | Read More |

ANCYL condemns actions of violence and racial intolerance of University Management, whilst lack of transformation is at the heart of the racist incidences

25 February 2016

The ANCYL notes with disgust the recent actions of violence and arson that ensued at the North West University, Mahikeng campus and urges for cool heads. These actions are inconsistent with the ideals of a democratic state and undermine the efforts of government in addressing issues of funding for both "access to learning and students` accommodation, as outlined by President during SONA. | Read More |

No amount of grandstanding at the Apartheid Museum can whitewash the DA's ingrained racist nature

20 January 2016

True to the low on content and high on grandstanding vacuous leadership style of DA Leader Mmusi Maimane we were confronted yesterday with the unseemly spectacle of him abusing the holy ground of the Apartheid Museum to present a hollow so-called anti-racism pledge for the DA. | Read More |