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Hlomelang: Vol. 13 No. 1: 25 July  07 August 2016
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ANCYL statement on Critical Dialogue on Pervasive Violence on Women & Children

23 February 2013

The African National Congress Youth League will be hosting on the International Women`s Day, 8th March 2013, A Critical Dialogue on the Pervasive Violence on Women and Children in our society. The forum is part of the ANC Youth League`s programme declaring on war on women and child abuse intended to mobilise and galvanise society to fight this scourge with the energy and vigour that we did with apartheid.

The dialogue is intended to assess the causes of this violence as well as developing practical, tangible steps for implementation in daily activity. Ours is to move to action and realise that members of society commit these horrendous acts and it is society itself that must become intolerant to harbouring such undesirable characters within our midst. We shall not be defeated and blame government or others, indeed it is time for joint action. Every individual South Africans has a role to play in fighting women and child abuse. Young people especially have to stand up and be counted in ensuring that we are a peaceful country and not a violence capital as some have characterized us. All hard working and good men, young and old, of South Africa have to step up, support the struggle for gender equality and reject the aggressive masculinities in our country. We acknowledge that there are many good men, who should not be silent but rather vocal in rejecting the violence against women and children.

Key themes to be explored by the Dialogue shall include understanding the impact of patriarchy on men and women, understanding masculinity in South Africa and practical action to mitigate the pervasive aggressive and violent masculinities we see daily. The Dialogue is spearheaded by the ANCYL Sub-committee on Gender and shall be inviting inputs from civil society and academia on how to galvanize all of us to do something as a collective, and in solidarity for advocacy, collective consciousness and social mobilisation.

The Dialogue shall be preceded by provincial build up forums and is expected to be attended by ANC Youth League structures, civil society organizations, faith based organizations, government institutions and women and youth organizations drawn from a cross section of sectors.

Issued by the African National Congress Youth League