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Hlomelang: Vol. 13 No. 1: 25 July  07 August 2016
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ANC Youth League disgusted by ventilations of the pawn of white capitalists, Bheki Sibiya on Nationalisation

17 July 2011

The ANC Youth League is utterly disgusted by the ventilations and ranting of Chamber of Mines Chief Executive Officer, Bheki Sibiya who said the re-election of ANC Youth League President is regrettable because of the Nationalisation of Mines discourse. Bheki Sibiya also says he thought the Nationalisation of Mines policy discussions in the ANC will be killed by the ANC commissioned research, which he claims is funded by the Chamber of Mines. Bheki Sibiya is a clearly a pawn of white capitalists, who believe they can use money to buy the ANC and its internal policy making processes. The ANC is not for sale and its policy making process and decisions will never be bought by pawns of white capitalists.

As we said before, the Chamber of Mines is an evil organisation of Mines bosses who have been the pillar of racist apartheid repression and enslavement of the black majority and Africans in particular for many decades. The Chamber of Mines is known historically to have supported apartheid legislations and measures that treated black people and Africans in particular as sub-humans. They therefore hold no moral standing to say anything constructive in the rebuilding of South Africa in the post democratic dispensation, even through fronted individuals who do not know anything about the history of repression, segregation and brutal enslavement of our people in the Mines.

The ANC Youth League will towards the ANC Policy Conference and 53rd National Conference continue with the research, study-tours and discussions on Nationalisation of Mines and will visit all the countries the ANC research team visited. Whatever conclusion the research on Nationalisation of Mines reaches should re-assert the objectives of the Freedom Charter. The research and study tours outcomes should reflect the ANC NGC resolution which said there was greater consensus on nationalisation of mines and other strategic sectors of the economy.

Otherwise, the ANC Youth League is disappointed in black executives who proudly defend white capitalist interests and sacrifice the agenda to redress the economic imbalances of apartheid. We are disappointed because just few days ago, the Chamber of Mines sent a representative to Luthuli House to beg for a meeting with the leadership of the ANC Youth League.

Issued by the ANC Youth League